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Love is all around.

  • Four Seasons Coordinator
  • Marriage License Registration Services
  • Officiate
  • Bouquet for Bride
  • Lei for Groom
  • 1 Hour Photography
  • Soloist
  • Rental of Space


Alu Like

Alu Like means to work together, striving together, which after years of marriage is what most couples come to understand. Marriage unity is about working together, striving for a common goal, pledging to “Alu Like.”

  • Four Seasons Coordinator
  • Marriage License Registration Services
  • Officiate
  • Bouquet for Bride
  • Lei for Groom
  • 4 Hour Photography
  • DJ Entertainment for 4 Hours
  • Soloist
  • Rental of Space
  • Chairs for Ceremony
  • Complimentary Room night on Wedding Day



Hokule‘a is the name of the voyaging canoe currently on a world wide voyage.
Hokule ‘a means “Star of Gladness,” the beginning of a life long journey together.

  • Four Seasons Coordinator
  • Marriage License Registration Services
  • Officiate
  • Bouquet for Bride
  • Lei for Groom
  • 4 Hour Photography
  • DJ Entertainment for 4 Hours
  • Trio
  • Transfer to and from Airport
  • Rental of Space
  • Chairs for Ceremony
  • Complimentary Room night on Wedding Day



Ali‘i means “chief, royalty”. The Hawaiian Ali ‘i gathered together in large groups in lavish celebration.

  • Four Seasons Coordinator
  • Marriage License Registration Services
  • Officiate
  • Bouquet for Bride
  • Lei for Groom
  • 4 Hour Photography
  • 2 Hour Videography
  • Trio
  • DJ Entertainment for 4 Hours
  • Pressing of Bridal Gown & Groom’s Tux
  • Bridal Hair & Make-Up
  • Transfer to and from Airport
  • Rental of Space
  • Chairs for Ceremony (up to 50)
  • Arch for Ceremony
  • 4 Complimentary Room Nights



Deluxe Bar

$16 ea.

Absolut, Bacardi White, Seagram's 7,
Maker's Mark, Dewar's White Label,
Tanqueray, Patron Reposado

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8599")}}
$18 ea.

Enza Prosecco

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8600")}}
$16 ea.

Chardonnay, Trinity Oaks, California
Cabernet Sauvignon, Maggio Family,
Merlot, Red Diamond, Washington
Sauvignon Blanc, Warwick, South Africa

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8601")}}
Soft Drinks & WatersQuantity
$6 ea.

Evian, Badoit, Assorted Soft Drinks

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8602")}}
Deluxe Bar SpecialsQuantity
1 Hour$38 ea.
2 Hours$68 ea.
3 Hours$83 ea.
4 Hours$98 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "items_8603")}} 

Premium Bar

$18 ea.

Belvedere, Appleton, Crown Royal,
Bulleit, Johnnie Walker Black,
Bombay Sapphire, Patron Silver

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8608")}}
$18 ea.

Enza Prosecco

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8609")}}
$16 ea.

Chardonnay, Trinity Oaks, California
Cabernet Sauvignon, Maggio Family,
California Merlot, Red Diamond, Washington
Sauvignon Blanc, Warwick, South Africa

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8610")}}
$8 ea.

Bud Light, Blue Moon, Corona, Heineken

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8611")}}
Soft Drinks & WatersQuantity
$6 ea.

Evian, Bedoit, Assorted Soft Drinks

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8612")}}
Premium Bar SpecialQuantity
1 Hour$45 ea.
2 Hours$75 ea.
3 Hours$90 ea.
4 Hours$105 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "items_8613")}} 
Mixology BarQuantity
1 Hour$60 ea.
2 Hours$100 ea.
3 Hours$130 ea.
4 Hours$160 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "items_8618")}} 
$24 ea.

Elit by Stolichnaya, Woodford Reserve,
Oban 15, Casa Dragones Blanco,
House Made Bitters and Simple Syrups,
Juice Reductions, Enhanced Ice

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8623")}}
$24 ea.

Louis Roederer, Brut, France
Louis Roederer, Rose, France

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8624")}}
$18 ea.

Chardonnay, Iconoclast, California
Cabernet, Iconoclast, California
Merlot, Newton Claret, California
Riesling, “R” Kabinett, Germany

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8625")}}
$10 ea.

Blue Moon, Corona,
Heineken, Lanikai Brewery

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8626")}}
Soft Drinks & WatersQuantity
$6 ea.

Evian, Bedoit, Assorted Soft Drinks

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("beverages", "pkg_8627")}}


Cocktail Passed

Prawn cocktail with pickled mango$7 ea.
Crab meat and avocado tart$7 ea.
Spicy ahi in sesame miso cone$7 ea.
Smoked kingfish with orange and parsley$7 ea.
Kalua pork with pickled radish on country bread$7 ea.
Poached shrimp on cucumber with saffron aioli$7 ea.
Beef tartar, kimchi, sesame$7 ea.
Prawn and chorizo skewer with gremolata$7 ea.
Golden shooter - oyster, caviar, sea urchin in sake dashi$7 ea.
Seared cod fish with Spanish ham and pickled melon$7 ea.
Oyster shot with avocado cream and red wine shallot$7 ea.
Grilled lamb neck, Thai basil and papaya lettuce cup$7 ea.
Coconut and fish of the day ceviche, cucumber$7 ea.
Spiced chicken & coconut lettuce cups$7 ea.
Tuna tartar with apple and caviar$7 ea.
Lomi Lomi salmon with lime and tomato, macadamia nut crackers$7 ea.
Buttered brioche with sea urchin and foie gras$7 ea.
Fresh oyster of the day with wasabi mignonette sauce$7 ea.
Wagyu beef tartar with quail egg and brioche$7 ea.
Mini portobello banh mi (V)$7 ea.
Vegetable summer roll with mango, peanut and coconut (V)$7 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8628")}} 
Braised pork belly, pickled mango$7 ea.
Duck spring roll with hoisin dipping sauce$7 ea.
Pork and beef meatballs smothered in tomato BBQ sauce$7 ea.
Prawn and vegetable spring roll$7 ea.
Mini crab cakes with tomato chutney$7 ea.
Curry beef puffs, cucumber relish$7 ea.
Crab and zucchini fritters with lemon aioli$7 ea.
Shrimp toast with bacon and sesame$7 ea.
Crispy lobster wonton with truffle aioli$7 ea.
Warm foie gras and apricot chutney puffs$7 ea.
Mini blue lump crab cake, truffle aioli$7 ea.
Spiced braised beef shortrib, furikake blinis$7 ea.
Mini lobster quesadillas, mango poi$7 ea.
Baked mushrooms with Portuguese sausage and brie$7 ea.
Kalua pork and sweet potato croquette$7 ea.
Kobe beef sliders, avocado and bacon$7 ea.
Keahole lobster slider, truffle and mango$7 ea.
Kalua pork and braised red cabbage spring roll$7 ea.
Soy braised pork sliders with ginger on brioche$7 ea.
Thai curry chicken vol au vent$7 ea.
Chicken skewers, sticky sake soy dip$7 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8650")}} 
Seafood on IceQuantity
$32 ea.

4 pieces per person

Poached shrimp, snow crab claws and
crabmeat Louie shooters, lemon + 3 sauces

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8672")}}
Add OnsQuantity
Oysters (each)$3 ea.
Alaskin King crab legs$12 ea.
½ Lobster$15 ea.
Stone crab claws$15 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8673")}} 
Whole Suckling Pig Taco Stand (requires chef attendance)Quantity
$28 ea.

Soft and hard tacos, pico de gallo, guacamole, guajillo salsa,
salsa verde, pickles, mustard, lime and a variety of sauces

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8678")}}
Smoked Line Caught Sustainable Fish “Pastrami Style” (requires chef attendance)Quantity
$32 ea.

Grilled bread, radishes, horseradish slaw, pickled red onions,
corn relish, salmon roe

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8679")}}
Return of the WafflesQuantity
$24 ea.

Cornmeal waffles with popcorn chicken,
honey and hot sauce, pickled veggies
Buttermilk herb waffles with cured
salmon and fennel salad, yogurt dressing

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8680")}}

Sunday Roast Station (requires chef attendance)

Pick your favorites:

Whole chicken “huli style”, served with Portuguese sausage fried rice and garlic mayonnaise$14 ea.
Prime rib of beef, coriander crust, rosemary roasted potato, au jus, horseradish$18 ea.
Whole tenderloin of beef, onion relish, petit brioche rolls$21 ea.
Slow cooked cumin crusted leg of lamb, pita bread, yogurt cucumber sauce$21 ea.
Salt crusted side of salmon, dill potatoes, white wine sauce$18 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8681")}} 
Fresh Shawarma Station (requires chef attendance)Quantity
Traditional seasoned chicken or lamb, sliced onion, parsley, tahini yogurt and pita bread$14 ea.
Hoisin duck, green onions, cucumber, our special sauce$16 ea.
Teriyaki glazed beef, homemade green apple and radish kimchi, peanuts and cilantro$18 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8687")}} 
Hawaiian “Pupu” Bar (all items are cold)Quantity
$38 ea.

Includes 6 items from below:

Grilled octopus, lime, sesame and pickled mustard greens
Portuguese sausage, celery remoulade, manchego cheese, crostini
Seared scallops, pickled hamakua mushrooms, preserved lemon
Roasted cauliflower romesco, macadamia nuts, crispy pork rinds
Maui Goat’s cheese, and herb stuffed piquillo peppers
Grilled prawns, roasted garlic, smoked paprika aioli
Marinated snapper, mango, crispy wonton
Red cooked eggplant with ginger and scallions
Seared tuna, seaweed, spiced up black vinegar and crispy rice
Marinated hearts of palm, cilantro, jalapeno, roasted coconut
Braised beef salad “Paniolo style”, pickled maui onions and sautéed Hawaiian sweet bread
Fresh papaya with lime and rock shrimp

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8691")}}
$28 ea.

Assorted cured and spiced meats, marinated olives, grilled radicchio,
pickled vegetables, and garlic roasted mushrooms, grilled focaccia

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8692")}}
Cheese BoardQuantity
$32 ea.

This includes:

Selection of local Farmstead cheeses, grapes,
poached seasonal fruit, crackers, walnut baguette,
jams and honey

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8693")}}
Crudité DisplayQuantity
$18 ea.

This includes:

Assorted pickles and hummus dip, roasted pepper dip,
ranch dressing, sweet chili sour cream and pita bread

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8694")}}
Fresh from the WokQuantity
Shanghainese noodle with shrimp and green onions$9 ea.
Sweet and sour pork with pineapple and steamed rice$12 ea.
Red braised pork belly and abalone, steamed rice$16 ea.
Garlic ginger wok fried shrimp, smashed cucumber salad$14 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8695")}} 
Sushi, Poke and Ceviche BarQuantity
$38 ea.

5 pieces per person
Fresh Island Fish Served Raw and Marinated

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8700")}}
Sushi, Poke and Ceviche BarQuantity
Chef$600 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "items_8701")}} 
Street Gawkers Steamed BunsQuantity
$28 ea.

Homemade Buns Steamed to Order and Filled with
Soy Braised Pork Belly,
Chinese BBQ Pork,
Spiced Duck Meat, Mustard Chicken
Homemade Kimchi, Selection of House Made Sauces

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("reception", "pkg_8703")}}

Dinner Buffet

Seafood and Avocado Cocktail$9 ea.
Classic Tuna Poke with Seaweed and Kukui Nuts$11 ea.
Ahi Tuna Shoyu Poke$12 ea.
Kimchi Tako Poke with Red Onion$10 ea.
Snapper Poke with Coconut and Lime$12 ea.
Charred Asparagus, Togarashi Crusted Tuna, Poached Egg, Bonito, Miso Dressing$10 ea.
Grilled Flank Steak Salad, Tomato, Pesto$8 ea.
Oregano Roasted Lamb, Watermelon, Yogurt Dressing$8 ea.
Roast Beef, Beetroot and Wasabi Green Salad With Buttermilk Dressing$7 ea.
Thai Seafood Salad, Lemongrass, Glass Noodles$7 ea.
Shrimp Panzanella, Roast Tomato Vinaigrette$10 ea.
Grilled Octopus, Seaweed, Sesame Dressing$9 ea.
Traditional Hummus, Eggplant Baba Ghanoush, Olives and Pita$6 ea.
Keahole Lobster, Charred Corn, Radishes, Chive Dressing$14 ea.
Ginger Poached Chicken, Napa Cabbage, Miso Dressing$8 ea.
Soba Noodle, Pan Seared Scallops, Green Onions, Sesame Dressing$8 ea.
Italian Charcuterie Board, Olives, Pickles, Focaccia Bread$12 ea.
Cheese Board with Local Favorites, Homemade Mango Jam, Nuts, Raisin Baguette$14 ea.
Grilled Portabella and Green Bean Salad, Fried Tofu, Crispy Onion, Shoyu Dressing (v)$6 ea.
Chilled Holoholo Corn Chowder, Avocado, Charred Hon Shimeji, Dashi (v)$7 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8704")}} 
Roasted beet and quinoa salad, arugula, lemon vinaigrette Hawaiian style macaroni and potato salad$5 ea.
Butter lettuce, fried shallots, poached egg, thick bacon slabs and anchovy dressing$5 ea.
Farm green harvest, shaved vegetables of the season, 3 house dressings$5 ea.
Miso Grilled Eggplant Salad, Roasted Chicken, Mizuna Pesto Pasta Salad, Grilled Squash, Roasted Peppers$5 ea.
Kale Caesar, Shaved Parmesan, Garlic Croutons, White Anchovies$5 ea.
Shaved Fennel, Arugula, Watermelon Radish, Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Vinaigrette$5 ea.
Local Tomato, Sweet Lands Farms Goat Cheese, Basil, EVOO$5 ea.
Long Bean Salad, Minced Pork, Chili, Chinese Vinegar Dressing$5 ea.
Squid and Herb Salad with Caper and Lemon Dressing$5 ea.
Pink Grapefruit, Fried Shallot, Peanuts and Grilled Shrimp Salad$5 ea.
Hearts of Palm Salad, Coconut, Bean Sprouts, Radish and Curry Vinaigrette$5 ea.
Crunchy Broccoli Salad, Chickpeas, Sunflower Seeds, Yogurt Tahini Dressing$5 ea.
Avocado, Radish, Bean Sprouts, Quinoa and Walnut Crumble, Apple Cider Vinaigrette$5 ea.
Sweet and Spicy Carrot Salad, Feta Cheese, and Lime, Honey and Cumin Vinaigrette$5 ea.
Kalua Duck Salad, Mizuna, Mango, Crispy Wonton, Sesame Dressing$5 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8725")}} 

Sandwiches, Wraps & Handhelds

Smashed chickpea and avocado salad sandwich, alfalfa sprouts, multigrain bread$10 ea.
Smoked Meat Sandwich, Dijon Mayo, Dill Pickles, Melted Mozzarella, Toasted Ciabatta$10 ea.
Smoked salmon, bacon, lemon, yogurt, arugula wrapped in pita bread$10 ea.
California sandwich, skillet tofu steaks, avocado, sprouts and red onion on sprouted grain toast$10 ea.
Ginger poached chicken, pickled cucumber and carrots, butter lettuce, lime, whole wheat wrap$10 ea.
Low carb turkey wrap, roasted turkey, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato$10 ea.
Lobster Roll, Kona Lobster, Avocado, Crispy Bacon, Hoagie Roll$10 ea.
Ham and cheese baguette, rosemary ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, mayo, lettuce$10 ea.
Grilled vegetable wrap, mozzarella, black olive pesto, flour tortilla$10 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8741")}} 
EVOO poached tuna melts, celery, avocado aioli, pickled onions$12 ea.
Steak Tacos with Avocado, Radish, Cilantro, Cotija Cheese, and Lime Wedges$12 ea.
Corned beef short rib Reuben, kimchi, Swiss cheese, 808 island sauce$12 ea.
Fish tacos, grilled mahi, roasted tomato salsa, lime, avocado$12 ea.
Grilled Pork Neck Sliders, Chili and Red Pepper Mostarda, Brioche Buns$12 ea.
Bao Buns Filled with Crispy Duck, Cucumber, Cilantro, Hoisin Sauce$12 ea.
Crabmeat Panini, Sundried Tomato and Chili Spread, Gruyere Cheese on Country Bread$12 ea.
Kalua pig, pickled onions, smoky aioli, fried onion, sweet bread buns$12 ea.
Blackened mahi mahi Caesar wrap$12 ea.
Chicago style hot dog (all beef), yellow mustard, white onions, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle, tomato, sport peppers poppy seed bun$12 ea.
Tokyo style hot dog (all beef), teriyaki sauce, mayo, seaweed, furikake$12 ea.
Brat dog (pork), bratwurst, pickled daikon and carrots, coriander and chili aioli$12 ea.
Fresh fish burger, watercress, lime aioli, squid ink ciabatta$12 ea.
Grilled beef burger, onion, pickles, cheese, smoked bacon$12 ea.
Crispy duck burger, Asian slaw, miso mustard, baguette$12 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8751")}} 


Shoyu Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Sake Braised Shiitake$16 ea.
Guava Braised Short Ribs, Corn and Squash$14 ea.
Roasted Pork Loin, Sautéed Forest Mushrooms, Mustard Tarragon Sauce$12 ea.
Cumin Spiced Leg of Lamb, Sautéed Peppers, Eggplant, and Yogurt Parsley Sauce$12 ea.
Portuguese Wild Boar Stew, Kabocha Squash$14 ea.
Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Mushroom Sauce, Fried Onions$16 ea.
Island Style Pork Adobo$12 ea.
Beef and Broccoli, Oyster Sauce$12 ea.
Chef M’s Special Kung Pao Chicken with Cashews$12 ea.
Chicken Cassoulet, Duck Sausage, Fennel$11 ea.
Grilled Chicken, Roasted Asparagus, Tarragon Jus$12 ea.
Teriyaki Glazed Tofu, Quinoa Vegetable Stew (v)$10 ea.
Chicken Katsu Don, Fried Egg, Brown or White Rice$11 ea.
Kabocha Squash Gnocchi, Alii Mushrooms and Sage (v)$10 ea.
Fried Chicken Thigh, Garlic Kale, Romesco$12 ea.
Braised Beef and Sweet Potato Lasagna, Watercress$14 ea.
Soy Glazed Pork Shoulder, Bok Choy, Sesame$12 ea.
Barbecue Pork Rib, Cajun Fried Potato Wedges, Coleslaw$12 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8767")}} 
Swordfish Curry, Coconut, Sweet Potato$13 ea.
Garlic Shrimp Piri-Piri, Snow Peas, Cilantro, Pine Nuts$14 ea.
Xo Chili Prawns with Honey Beans$14 ea.
Snapper and Squid Paella, Snow Peas$16 ea.
Baked Hawaiian Snapper, Fennel, Orange, EVOO$16 ea.
Sake and Miso Glazed Hapu’upu’u, Mustard Greens$16 ea.
Scallop and Wonbok Stir Fry, Cilantro Chili Oil$10 ea.
Steamed Snapper, Fermented Black Beans, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts$14 ea.
Island Inspired Seafood Stew, Chorizo, and Garlic Bread$12 ea.
Grilled Salmon, Mushroom, Coriander Butter$12 ea.
Pan Seared Sea Bass, Shrimp, Eggplant and Olive, Pesto$14 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8786")}} 
Oven Roasted Garlic Potato$7 ea.
Potato Gratin$7 ea.
Molokai Sweet Potato Puree$7 ea.
Baked Sweet Potatoes$7 ea.
Country Style Mashed Potato$7 ea.
Lobster Mac and Cheese$7 ea.
Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese$7 ea.
Steamed Jasmine or Brown Rice$7 ea.
Rice Pilaf$7 ea.
Quinoa and Portuguese Sausage Pilaf$7 ea.
Grilled Asparagus$7 ea.
Wok Fried Noodles with Vegetables and Soy Sauce$7 ea.
Egg and Bacon Fried Rice$7 ea.
Grilled Organic Corn on the Cob$7 ea.
Sautéed Mustard Green with Garlic$7 ea.
Steamed Bok Choy with Sesame Oil$7 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8798")}} 
Lilikoi Meringue Pie$9 ea.
Paauilo Vanilla Cheesecake$9 ea.
Banana Cream Pie$9 ea.
Strawberry Pineapple Crisp$9 ea.
Hawaiian Chocolate S’mores Tart$9 ea.
Candied Macadamia Nut Tart$9 ea.
Lilikoi Swirl Haupia$9 ea.
Roasted Banana Rice Pudding$9 ea.
Caramelized Mango and Milk Chocolate Shooters$9 ea.
Kona Coffee Cheesecake$9 ea.
Tropical Flavored Macaron$9 ea.
Waialua Goats Cheese Panna Cotta, Vanilla Poached Pineapple$9 ea.
Banana Whoopie Pies$9 ea.
Macadamia Nut Fudge Brownie Pops$9 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("dinner", "items_8815")}} 

Dinner Plated

Kahumana Farm spicy green mix, hearts of palm, roasted carrots, macadamia nut and quinoa brittle, yogurt lime dressing$12 ea.
Charred Kailani kale salad, asparagus and poached egg, warm Portuguese sausage and mustard vinaigrette$14 ea.
Arugula and endive salad, shaved “pipikaula” style Hawaiian beef, Makaha papaya and peppery papaya seed dressing$15 ea.
Roasted Quinoa and Walnut Salad, Roasted Beets and Mizuna Greens,Crispy Garlic, Sherry Vinaigrette$15 ea.
Shaved Vegetable Salad with Mache, Arugula, Toasted Sunflower Seeds and Horseradish Yogurt Vinaigrette$15 ea.
Baby Gem Lettuce, Home Cured Bacon, Blue Cheese, Herb Ranch Dressing$14 ea.
Hamakua Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Aged Balsamic and Waienea Grown Basil$16 ea.
Molokini Sweet Potato and Kale Salad, Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato, Organic Pinto Beans, Local Avocado, Kahumana Kale And Greens, Dried, Papaya, Sesame Tamari Dressing$14 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8830")}} 
Cold AppetizerQuantity
Spiced ahi tuna, grilled asparagus, 65 degree egg, bonito and multigrain crumble, miso dressing$21 ea.
Grilled octopus, Hamakua tomato confit, lemon grass and lime, hazelnuts$18 ea.
Kona kampachi, grilled hearts of palm, candied Kahumana turmeric and Thai basil dressing$20 ea.
Beef Tataki, Mizuna Salad, Quinoa Crunch and Sesame Ginger Dressing$20 ea.
Duck Confit, Waianae Valley Beetroot and Oranges, Macadamia Nut Dressing$20 ea.
North Shore Grilled Shrimp Cocktail, Homemade Kimchi with Napa Cabbage and Green Apple, Roast Garlic Aioli$24 ea.
Chilled Chicken and Chinese Wine Terrine, Spicy Green Beans, Dried Shrimp, Scallion Oil$21 ea.
Snapper Carpaccio, Sea Urchin, Avocado, Kimchi Apple and Nori$24 ea.
Swordfish Pastrami, Charred Corn Relish, Radishes, Shrimp Oil$22 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8839")}} 
Heirloom tomato gazpacho, crab meat and cilantro$12 ea.
Chilled corn soup, charred avocado, hon shimeji mushroom, dash$11 ea.
MA’O Farm kabocha squash soup, fried Kalua pork and cilantro-peanut pesto$10 ea.
Keahole Lobster Bisque, Portuguese Sausage and Pea Coulis$14 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8849")}} 
Hot AppetizersQuantity
Coconut crusted crab, avocado cream and American caviar, pea sprouts$28 ea.
Miso glazed Hawaiian seabass, sautéed corn and edamame, sumida watercress$25 ea.
Sautéed Kona baby abalone, oxtail ragout, mushrooms and scallions$32 ea.
Open Face Kona Lobster Ravioli, Zucchini, Fennel and “Burnt” Butter$28 ea.
Confit Of Salmon, Shrimp Toast, Rocket and Sesame Dressing$22 ea.
Roast Vegetable and Puna Goat Cheese Tart, Arugula Salad (v)$20 ea.
Sake and Tamari Roasted Whole Organic Mushrooms From Waimanalo, Pumpkin Granola and Miso Dressing (v)$21 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8854")}} 

Main Courses

(A) Beef, Lamb, PorkQuantity
Grilled striploin of beef, oxtail and organic carrot stew, green beans, peanut nut crunch$58 ea.
Roasted filet mignon, wasabi pea puree, Hamakua mushrooms, red wine sauce$62 ea.
Sweet soy and sake braised beef short ribs, baby potatoes, turnips, fried onions and shiso and sesame$50 ea.
Grilled Rack and Braised Shank of Lamb, Rosemary White Bean Purée, Cured Tomato, Fennel, Rapini, Country Ham “Red Eye’ Jus$55 ea.
Soy Roasted Pork Shoulder, Garlic Sautéed Mustard Greens, Molokai Sweet Potato$48 ea.
Grilled Kurobuta Pork Chop, “Curried” Cauliflower and Potato, Coconut and Green Chili Relish$56 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8862")}} 
(B) PoultryQuantity
Paprika roasted chicken breast, chorizo, white bean & tomato stew$48 ea.
Herb rubbed chicken, quinoa pilaf, charred kale and roasted garlic jus$46 ea.
Hawaiian chicken cassoulet, Portuguese sausage, cannellini beans, local veggies of the season, cilantro$44 ea.
Breaded Chicken, Smoked Eggplant Farro Risotto, Crisp Kale, Grain Mustard Sauce$48 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8869")}} 
(C) Fish, ShellfishQuantity
Hawaiian snapper, brown butter dashi, Hamakua mushrooms$55 ea.
Roasted mahi mahi, charred kabocha squash, mustard greens sautéed in fresh coconut oil$50 ea.
Olive oil poached Keahole lobster, charred scallion jam, roasted Kula tomatoes$68 ea.
Hawaiian Sea Bass (Hapu’upu’u), Sautéed in Fresh Coconut Oil, Top Neck Clam Chowder with Portuguese Sausage$58 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8874")}} 
(D) Land & SeaQuantity
Smoky braised beef short ribs, North Shore shrimp, chorizo and pea rice, watercress$72 ea.
Grilled beef tenderloin and ½ lobster tail, roasted garlic potato, asparagus, grilled pineapple chimichurri$85 ea.
Soy braised pork shoulder, line caught mahi mahi, chive and corn risotto style, crispy pork skin$72 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8879")}} 
(E) AlternativeQuantity
Braised fennel, forbidden black rice, watercress, tomato coulis$42 ea.
Goats cheese fritters, eggplant caponata, and beet root - tahini sauce$38 ea.
Teriyaki glazed tofu, quinoa and vegetable pilaf, sautéed mustard greens$44 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8883")}} 
Warm caramelized pineapple tart, candied macadamia nut ice cream$14 ea.
Lemon curd Pavlova, mixed berry limoncello compote, yuzu sorbet$14 ea.
Chocolate turtle cake, brown butter, pecan ice cream, coconut anglaise$14 ea.
Lilikoi Semifreddo, Tropical Fruit Salad, Crispy Coconut Meringue$14 ea.
Chocolate Banana Torta, Peanut Butter Crunch, Marshmallow Crème, Caramel Corn$14 ea.
Vanilla Crème Brulee, Pineapple Banana Chutney, Green Tea Shortbread$14 ea.
Baked Chocolate Mousse, Slow Roasted Strawberries, Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream$14 ea.
Ono Farm Banana Toffee Pudding, Caramel Sauce, Rum Raisin Ice Cream$14 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("plated", "items_8887")}} 

Hawaiian Buffet

(*Minimum 50 people)

Luau Menu 1Quantity
$97 ea.
Cold Selections

Fruit from the tropics
Lomi Lomi salmon and poi
Steamed watercress and woon bok, sesame salad
Upcountry baby lettuces, papaya seed, Maui onion dressing
Chicken, ginger and soba noodle salad
Charred ahi poke
“Local Style” potato salad

Hot Selections

Kalua pig
Coconut chicken
Beef teriyaki, grilled pineapple
Island fish of the day with shiitake mushrooms
Cilantro black bean sauce
Wok fried vegetables, sesame seeds
Baked sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts
Steamed rice
Taro bread


Haupia (Hawaiian coconut pudding)
Tahitian vanilla cheesecake, macadamia nut crunch
Selection of tropical fruit pastries
Pineapple upside down cake
Island coconut-lime tart
Chocolate coffee banana tart
Freshly brewed Kona blend coffee, decaffeinated coffee, selection of tea
Decaffeinated coffee, selection of tea

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("hawaiian-buffet", "pkg_8896")}}
Luau Menu 2Quantity
$135 ea.
Cold Selections

Tomato, Maui onion and Pohole fern salad
Char Siu potato salad, cilantro-rice wine vinaigrette
Upcountry baby lettuces, assorted dressings
Spicy chicken salad, pea pods and crispy wontons,
cilantro vinaigrette
Exotic fruit and vegetable salad
Spicy tako poke
Green lip mussels with Maui mango salsa
Jumbo shrimp (4 pieces per person)
Crab claws (3 pieces per person)
Cocktail sauce, lemon wedges

Hot Selections

Maalaea seafood chowder
Monchong, Hawaiian pomfret, mild curry sauce
Teriyaki glazed Mahi Mahi, stewed tomato
Catch of the day, coconut-sweet basil sauce
Steamed Keahole lobster (1/2 per person)
Drawn butter and lemon wedges
Carved prime rib of beef
Au jus, Dijon peppercorn sauce
Kula sweet corn on the cob
Steamed new potatoes with herbs
Molokai bread


Tahitian vanilla and bittersweet chocolate cake
Mango and Kula strawberry cake
Island coconut cake
Assorted miniature Hawaiian pastries
Freshly brewed Kona blend coffee
Decaffeinated coffee, selection of tea

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("hawaiian-buffet", "pkg_8897")}}

Wedding Cake

One Tier CakeQuantity
$20 ea.

In case you would like to get a larger cake for under 20 people,
please discuss with your Catering Manager.

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wedding-cake", "pkg_8898")}}
Two Tier CakeQuantity
10” base and 6” top$375 ea.
14” base and 10” top$675 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wedding-cake", "items_8899")}} 
Three Tier CakeQuantity
$875 ea.
These include the following options:

Vanilla cake
Chocolate cake
White buttermilk cake
Brown sugar cake
Hazelnut cake
Red velvet cake
Lemon poppy seed cake
Banana cake
Pumpkin cake
Almond cake
Carrot cake
Pink champagne cake


Vanilla diplomat
Chocolate mousse
Salted Caramel
Espresso mousse
Lemon Curd
Raspberry mousse
Praline buttercream
Cream Cheese
Passion Fruit Curd
Raspberry Rose
Maple Walnut
Green Tea
Pink Champagne


Italian butter cream

Suggested Pairings:

Vanilla + vanilla diplomat + fresh berries
Chocolate + chocolate
Chocolate + Salted caramel
Brown sugar cake + vanilla + Raspberry
Hazelnut + chocolate + Praline
Red velvet cake + cream cheese
Brown sugar cake + maple walnut
White buttermilk cake + passion fruit curd
White buttermilk cake + raspberry rose
Lemon poppy seed cake + lemon curd + Raspberry mousse
Almond cake + green tea + fresh peach
Pink champagne cake + pink champagne buttercream

Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wedding-cake", "pkg_8902")}}


Prosecco, Enza, Veneto, Italy $60 ea.
Champagne, Brut, Louis Roederer,France$128 ea.
Champagne, Rose, Ruinart, France$200 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wines", "items_8903")}} 
Whites Quantity
Chardonnay, Trinity Oaks, California $52 ea.
Chardonnay, Iconoclast, Russian River Valley, California$95 ea.
Riesling, “R” Riesling Kabinett, Pfalz, Germany$80 ea.
Sauvignon Blanc, Warwick, Stellenbosch, South Africa$75 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wines", "items_8907")}} 
Cabernet Sauvignon, Maggio Family Vineyards, Lodi, California$45 ea.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Iconoclast, Russian River Valley, California $95 ea.
Merlot, Red Diamond, Washington$64 ea.
Merlot, Newton Claret, Napa Valley, California$85 ea.
Malbec, Famiglia Bianchi, San Rafael,Mendoza-Argentina$65 ea.
Pinot Noir, Steelhead Vineyards, Sonoma, California $82 ea.
Pinot Noir, Joseph Phelps, Sonoma, California$86 ea.
Subtotal{{calculateSubtotal("wines", "items_8912")}} 

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